My Story

An American by birth, when I was only 22 I idealistically spun a globe and told myself I would live wherever my finger landed. After ending up in the Pacific Ocean, I slid it slightly south to New Zealand... then moved there four months later! This changed the trajectory of my life forever...


After this I worked all over the globe--from the urban centers in Spain and Costa Rica to rural Kenya and Mongolia. By working with local people to build community centers in Peru, track crocodiles in Borneo, and train educators in South Africa and Cambodia, I recognized that what I am most passionate about is  transformation. Transformative Learning became the focus for my PhD research, and inspiration for GrowthQuests

I am confident my calling is to promote personal transformation by combining the joys of nature, stories, and play. My focus is on creating safe, holistic opportunities for individuals to transform through self-expression, exploration, and reflection.   

My approaches have been profoundly influenced by my diverse cultural exchanges, rigorous academic career, and my personal spiritual and contemplative practices. All of which have led me to become an adaptive mentor, educator, and coach for all ages, levels, and content areas.