Academic Career

My academic career is rich in diverse, meaningful research that bridges gaps between individuals, communities, and disciplines.


Bachelor's Thesis: Adolescent Adjustment from Urban to Rural Settings

University of Iowa, 2005

Documenting high school students' tumultuous process of transferring from Chicago to Iowa City. This qualitative study incited positive change in policy and programs for future students. 

Master's Thesis: We are All Teachers: Encouraging Students to Find and Be the World's Best Educators

Miami University, 2011

A curriculum illustrating my pedagogical philosophy that teachers can be found everywhere, especially among our own students. It included practical content for educators as well as reflections from the community application. 

PhD Dissertation: Adolescents' Self-Described Transformations and Their Alignment with Transformative Learning Theory 

Antioch University, 2016

Holistic depth study describing how adolescents experience transformation during the high school years. This phenomenological research challenged the transformative learning field to include adolescent experiences among adult literature.